Frost Bites, 2014
29,5 x 36 cm
Unique cyanotype print, gilding metal (silver)

Silver Lining, 2014
29,5 x 41,5 cm
Unique cyanotype print, gilding metal (silver)


November, 2014
29,5 x 82,5 cm
Unique cyanotype print

In the series Stories from the Sea I capture the movement of water and sand at the seaside to aquarelle paper using a photographic printing process called cyanotype and expose the patterns with UV-light.

With this technique I can use a photo-based process to create unique prints by using a moving element, in this case water and sand. Every sheet is a unique piece.

I have worked with movement for several years using photography, video and sound in my work. Cyanotypes are a new experience to capture nature to paper in an abstract way without anything between: just a piece of paper and nature as it is.