Man Made, 2014
Diasec, triptych 80 x 53 cm, 100 x 76 cm, 80 x 53 cm, ed. 5

All the Unloved Ones, 2014
Chair, rope, dog collar and scalps of animals

The series Man Made tells about the dog’s domestication from wolf, alongside humans.

The progress has ended up in a point where the dog is closest to human and the wolf is farthest - as a feared, mythical creature.

The dog’s appearance has changed because of the breeding. A purebred dog is like a living sculpture made by man that reflects the ideals of each breed.

In breeding, a suitable appearance for the species has become secondary and the animal has transformed into a commercial product. The wolf is seen only in few breeds anymore.

The dog breeds that have bypassed the natural selection are plagued by the problems that the breeding creates. The greatest friend of animals might not acquire one of those at all.

In the installation I have combined canine animal’s scalps to an old chair. In this work I juxtapose the animal to an object that it has eventually ended up in human companion. It also reminds of the ruthlessness of man.

The dog is being humanized and it represents its owner’s personality, but at the same time it has lost its right to be a true animal.